Thursday, March 18, 2010

Check out J Dirty - "A College Degree Well Wasted" feat. Malakai Beats

J Dirty hosted the JUGGALO SHOW on KWSB 91.1 out of Colorado for 5 years and began emceeing, ultimately winning the 2008 GOTJ Battle Championship as featured in A Family Underground.

His debut album is called "A College Degree Well Wasted" and features several older Malakai Beats productions, including the classic "White Kids" beat for a track called "You Are Not Gonna Believe." This joint is seriously fire. The other track is entitled "Hot 16's," and features a barrage of Malakai Beats productions as well.

The album is solid all the way through and features the likes of Mac Lethal, AMB, PRAY, F.L.O.W.S., and Knox Court. Well worth picking up:

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