Monday, January 7, 2013

Digging @ The Record Exchange

Over the weekend I took my first digging excursion in Idaho, stopping by at the Record Exchange in Boise to see what kind of goodies I could find. Upon entering the store I was greeted with a coffee bar/hangout spot leading into the record shop. I was on severely limited time so I immediately breezed past the CDs to hit up the vinyl section. I noticed off the bat that everything was neatly organized into 4 double-sided rows. The quantity was decent, and the quality seemed to be pretty good as well. There was a sizable Jazz section which I began to dig in, copping some Quincy Jones, Deodato, and Chick Corea. On the other side one row over there was an equally impressive Soul and R&B section which I unfortunately didn't have enough time to scope out, however I was able to get a pretty good feel of the place. Sections included World music (heavy African, European, and South American records), Soundtracks, New Age, and a rock section which was about the same size as the Jazz and Soul/R&B sections. I discovered overfill crates beneath the main records which is where I scored a lot of gems at: Word to the wise. I didn't have enough time to snap any pictures so keep in mind that the sections currently appear differently. Overall I can recommend this spot. The atmosphere is chill and there's a lot of stuff to check out, including an emphasis placed upon Indy music. In the future I want to come back here and spend more time feeling this place out, but initial impressions are good!