Sunday, September 5, 2010

Malakai Beats is BACK TO SCHOOL YOU

Laziness can DESTROY the best of us. That being said, get ready for some upcoming flavor. It's time to get productive:

01) Peep my boy Zero Caige's new digs @ Handicapped Underground and check out the Lyriscologist artist feature profile. Watch for that sweet Malakai Beats interview which drops on Monday (UPDATE: it's here). Also, shout out to Castrovania.

02) I've been working a lot lately with the Metaphorsemen. Peep the track 'Global Transporters' if you think we're playing. Who else would rap about intergalactic dope pushing? Metaphorsemen is a serious crew of emcees representing wachaMCallit Productions, including K.M. Ultra, Illuminati, and Deraj The Scatterbrain. Speaking of Deraj, be sure to peep the Deraj Has Company Mixtape. We've been building up all types of tracks lately and I'm pleased to see the combined solo/group collab efforts that it's showing. Some of these tracks will appear on Victory over Dampness Under Fire. Prepare yourself.

03) Watch for Malakai Beats profiles to spring up on iLike,, and Bandcamp, and... an official Malakai Beats website??? We'll see. For now I'm focusing on artwork, better layouts (especially for this blog), more content, and above all functionality. BTW, I plan to host the entire mixtape on Bandcamp once it's finished...


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