Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Still breathing...

It's been entirely too long since I've updated this blog. And time goes by way too fast. Anyway the long-anticipated mixtape got put off right before I was in the final stages of album completion due to a dying computer. It was a Dell Dimension that I've been using since like 2002, so needless to say it was time for an upgrade. THAT process has taken about 100 + days due to a faulty CPU chip. It wouldn't normally take that long to isolate the problem, but given shipping times, sending the motherboard back twice, and lots of other related experiences it's basically been a humble ride. The new computer should be ready in the next several days (waiting for a cd drive to install the operating system because the USB method failed).

The very next process I plan to attend to is finally, definitively, finishing this mixtape. Once that's uploaded and released I plan to move onto Ambient Abstractions related projects. That's right. Double A is back to flip your wig and make you drink the koolaid because Anton says so. It's interesting how I couldn't have quite anticipated this shift but for some reason one day I came up with the idea to bring it all back as a collective, get cats on board and make music. So far with an upcoming Record Breakers album, local concerts, an emerging YouTube channel, collab tracks, and so forth, we're basically putting it down. We've got some great talent in the mix repping the crop circle, and things are beginning to look up. I really hope we can make this thing grow into something unique and awesome. I'll also be doing other miscellaneous projects as well so plenty of flavor is in the works for 2011 and beyond.

In the meantime, hang tight while everything gets set up and situated. I plan to update this blog a lot more with stories, digging adventures, album reviews, tips, all kinds of info. Peace

ps. I uploaded some newer beat material @ facebook.com/malakaibeats. Be sure to hit me up!

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