Saturday, July 9, 2011

Digging @ Randy's Record Shop

The other day I hit up Randy's Record Shop, one of the better digging spots I've come across. In Salt Lake City there are several other second-hand places and a couple of other record stores I didn't check out. I was far too busy spending time scouring the shelves at Randy's. The people were super cool and they definitely carry on (what was described as being) the last of a dying breed. It's sad but true though. Legitimate independent record stores are getting a lot more difficult to find. When I was in the Bay Area there were few places around which catered to older formats, and sometimes not necessarily even newer vinyl releases. Usually, Half-Price was awesome to go to. At my particular location I had access to the best variety out of any other Half-Price.

But entering Randy's was like entering nirvana. They definitely know their stuff and have a passion for what they do. They had turntables set up to preview records but I was way too involved with searching as much area as I could. They had a good hip-hop section for newer releases. Everything was neatly divided. The jazz records were even given their own little nook which I must have spent at least an hour or two in. Quality was unmatched and prices ranged from 3 bucks to 40 bucks what from I came across. I can definitely recommend hitting this place up. Every other month they have a huge dollar special sale in a rented space across the street, an event I'm probably attending sometime.

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