Thursday, August 15, 2013

Still Doe - As Greedy As A Pig

Back in March of this year Still Doe released his second solo LP entitled "As Greedy As A Pig" on Ambient Abstractions. Featuring production from myself, Maple Systems Road, Soul Child & Excalibur, and collabs with Magus The Great, Words Babylon, & Little Mountain. The album is a thematic departure from his previous release, and focuses on the themes of government control, protest, conspiracies, paranoia, pessimism, and the unknown. Ultimately, this album sounds nothing like the last album, and a couple repeats might be in order to get the full message. The production and delivery is done in a different manner too, for example the tracks "It's All Groovy" and "Just Stand Up" have some noticable rock, punk, and reggae overtones. This album will stand out as being one of the more ambitious and unique among Still Doe's offerings, and it's definitely worth bumping.

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