Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Lucky Rhymes - Audiology EP - FREE DOWNLOAD


This has been a long time coming. Lucky is my boy and this album has been a couple of years in the making. We decided to include some suprises, hence the extra BONUS tracks..

We sincerely hope you enjoy it:
(92.6 megs)

.rar archive includes: digital .pdf booklet, cover art, & 3 desktop wallpapers

Artist: Lucky Rhymes

Title: Audiology EP

Release: 8/26/09

Running Time: 39:56



01: Mr. Thomas (prod. by Middle C) 4:31

02: Girl (prod. by malakai beats) 4:00

03: Nightmares (prod. by malakai beats) 4:02

04: Paradise (prod. by malakai beats) 2:22

05: F#$@ Wit Me (prod. by Middle C) 5:41

06: Where I'm From (prod. by malakai beats) 4:12

07: BONUS TRACK - Lucky Rhymes is Back (prod. by malakai beats) 4:07

08: BONUS TRACK - 95 Bars & Runnin' (prod. by malakai beats) 4:48

09: BONUS TRACK - Forget It Verse (prod. by malakai beats) 2:11

10: BONUS TRACK - Consul of Mongrels Sampler Verse (prod. by malakai beats) 4:02

executive producer: malakai beats (

guest production: middle c (

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