Saturday, August 8, 2009

NYC Style Bus Compression

This was yanked out of a forum and the original author is unknown to me:

Legendary NYC Style bus compression - a technique that started in Rock and was handed down to Hip Hop, House and beyond.

1: Create a Group Channel Track (Cubase) or Bus (Logic) called 'Drums'
2: Route the output of all drum sounds to this 'Drums' Fader instead of the master
3: Create an additional GCT/BUS and call it 'NYC' or 'Fatness' and bring the fader right down so it cant be heard.
4: Send from the 'Drums' GCT/BUS into 'NYC' 100% (fx send on cubase/aux send on Logic)
5: Now on the 'NYC' GCT/BUS add the following Inserts with settings as stated:

i1) Compressor: Peak Mode, Ratio about 8:1, Attack 5ms, Release 150ms or Auto, Threshold set so that about -10dB gain reduction.

i2) EQ: Low Shelf boost of +6dB @ 100 Hz, High Shelf Boost +6dB @ 10kHz

6: Bring the NYC fader up slowly.... Fatness happens!

This technique should be used with care - if you use too much of it you may not have enough headroom to fit the rest of your track. If you want to hear it in action listen to Ballistica - it's all over the beats.

It can also be used with other sounds for fattening - including vocals.

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